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Cannabis, the plant of life has been outlawed here in the United States and most Countries for a very long time. In 1937 the United States czar of narcotics took away our use of this natural plant some 80 years ago. Before 1937 it was used for healing many illnesses and other purposes, like making rope, sails for ships, paper, heating oil, candle wicks, textiles and used in many other applications.

Since 1937 the Pharmaceutical companies along with the Feds have brained washed us in thinking that Cannabis is dangerous and has no medicinal value or uses at all. And so they made it illegal and made us live in fear, we were to shun this plant and never touch it, never have it in our possession or incarceration would be our sentence. But because many activists have collectively fought for a change in the laws regarding Cannabis, many states in America and our neighbors in Canada, are now legalizing the recreational and medical use of it.

A good majority of states have now legalized recreational and medical Cannabis. But full legalization still needs to happen. Colorado and Washington started the ball rolling in 2012 when they legalized recreational use. But there is a problem that has happened since then in Washington state. The case of low-income patients with diseases like Lupus, Cancer, Seizures, Severe Pain from Chemotherapy, Musculoskeletal disorders, HIV/Aids and PTSD.

Washington state took away the collective gardens in July 2016, the medical marijuana dispensaries that catered to the sick. Medical Cannabis use was legalized in 1998. Now these people have to deal with recreational dispensaries. There are recreational dispensaries that have a medical authorization to sell medical Cannabis. But the supply that is sold may not be as pure as organically grown.

There is a large group of individuals that are medical patients and a large group that are not. These two groups see the need to work together to change the laws at the Washington state capital, to allow medical cannabis be sold again in medical only dispensaries. Right now, a qualifying patient entered into the medical marijuana database is automatically authorized to grow six plants. A healthcare practitioner may authorize up to 15 plants on the authorization. In order for the authorization of more than six plants to be valid, the healthcare practitioner must sign the form a second time. The state should automatically let a patient grow the original 15 plants and allow bartering and freely gifting cannabis to someone ill without repercussions be legal.

It was a system that worked for so many, but like the federal government, Washington state declared war on the sick and dying, just to make a buck. The laws need to look favorably on the sick and allow these people the right to medicate to sustain their lives as they see fit. Most are not able to leave their homes to deal with crowds and high prices of recreational dispensaries and should be able to live a life using quality weed that is pure and without restrictions.

In addition to Marijuana, many people are using CBD, chemical name: "Cannabinoids" derived from the stock of the Hemp plant. It has helped so many people relieve arthritis, muscle and nerve pain, seizures, parkinsons, cancers and so many other illnesses. But now the federal government (DEA) has made that illegal stating that it is a schedule 1 drug making it as dangerous as Heroin. Hemp oil and CBD are derived from Hemp which is legal in all 50 states, but there are 6 states where CBD is completely illegal because all forms of cannabis are illegal in those states: Idaho, South Dakota, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kansas, and Indiana. The Feds are confused and they make the consumer just as confused saying that CBD is illegal and as dangerous as Heroin.

Are they kidding? CBD is a derivative of the hemp stock; it contains less than 0.03% THC which does not contain the psychoactive compound found in the plants budding flower that makes a person high. CBD is as mild as they come. You can drive a car; you can hold a job that requires lots of concentration without fear of looking or feeling like a stoner. To see what the size of a grain of rice of concentrated CBD oil does to someone with seizures, that stops completely or instant pain relief or controls Parkinson's and does not cause the high feeling (the Stoner effect) is amazing. You can still live a normal life without side effects. CBD works to boost your own natural immune system, it increases the natural Cannabiold system that we all were created with.

So whether you use cannabis by Smoking, Vaping, Dabbing, or just use CBD or Hemp Oil, you are getting the benefits that our ancestors got century's ago. Cannabis is truly a God Sent and there MUST NOT be a prohibition of it any longer.

For your Life, For your Health.

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