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Cannabis, the plant of life has been outlawed here in the United States and some Countries for a very long time. The United States czar of narcotics took away our use of this natural plant some 80 years ago in 1937, but before that, it was used for healing many illnesses and for other purposes, like rope, paper, heating oil, wicks, textiles and many other applications.

Since 1937 the Pharmaceutical companies along with the Feds have brained washed us in thinking that Cannabis is dangerous and has no medicinal value or uses at all. And so they made it illegal and made us live in fear, we were to shun this plant and never touch it, never have it in our possession or incarceration would be our sentence. But because many activists have collectively fought for a change in laws regarding Cannabis, many states in America are now legalizing the recreational and medical use of it.

A good majority of states now legalize Cannabis in some form. But full legalization still needs to happen. Colorado and Washington started the ball rolling in 2012, But there is a problem that has happened since then in Washington. The case of low-income patients with diseases like Lupus, Cancer, Seizures, Severe Pain from Chemotherapy and HIV/Aids, Musculoskeletal disorders and PTSD.

Washington state took away the collective gardens, the medical marijuana dispensaries that catered to the ill. Now the ill have to deal with Recreational dispensaries. Yes, there are Recreational dispensaries that have a medical authorization to sell so-called medical marijuana. But the supply sold may not be as pure as organically grown. So the question is how much chemicals are used on the plants? And what is it doing to you? Is it making you worse? There is a large group of individuals that are medical patients is Washington, but a lot are not and these people are banding together to change the laws in Olympia at the capital to allow medical cannabis be sold again in medical dispensaries and the patients can grow the original 15 plants, not 6 as the present law stipulates and that bartering and freely gifting cannabis to someone without repercussions is legal again.

It was a system that worked for so many, but as the federal government, Washington declared war on the sick and dying just to make a buck. On another note, there are many being helped with CBD, and for myself, I am thankful for this wonderful product that has helped me relieve muscle and nerve pain that I have been plagued with for so many years from multiple surgeries in the past. Now the federal government has made that illegal stating that it is a schedule 1 drug that makes it as dangerous as Heroin. Are they kidding? CBD is a derivative from the hemp stock it DOES NOT contain THC a psychoactive compound that makes a person high. CBD is as mild as they come you can drive a car, you can hold a job that requires lots of concentration without coming across like a stoner. Yes, there are different strengths of CBD but to see just how the size of a grain of rice of concentrated oil changes someone with seizures where the seizures stop completely or relieve pain or control Parkinson's and do not cause the high feeling (the Stoner effect) is amazing. With different strengths, you still can live a normal life without the side effects. Whether you use cannabis by Smoking, Vaping, Dabbing, or use CBD or Hemp Oil you are getting the benefits that our ancestors got century's ago. Cannabis is truly a God Sent that MUST NOT be in prohibition any longer.

For your Health, For your Life.


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